My services

  • Customer & supplier contact
  • Creation, organisation, classification and archiving of documents.
  • Processing of emails
  • Logistical management
  • HRM : administration & assistance in recruitment
  • Market scan, trend & customer research
  • Development & launch of products/businesses
  • Development & implementation of marketing supports
  • Management of quotes/invoices/payments
  • Financial & commercial reporting
  • Communication & follow-up with accountant
  • Organisation & operational follow-up of multiple projects
  • Organisation & coordination of seminars, conferences, …
  • Organisation & coordination of trade fairs, events,..
  • Implementation of new tools

About me

I’ve always had a lot (when I say a lot, I mean like really a lot) of ENERGY. I had to learn how to manage it in order to fully capitalize it as a strength. Today it is the core of my identity and very precious in my quest to fully carry out a project and obtain the aimed results.

Working on a variety of projects within different structures, gave me the opportunity to develop my ADAPTABILITY.

As I am at my best through DIVERSITY and change, I only commit to recurring or specific short-term missions.

My sensitivity allows me to naturally adopt a convening role within the teams I join.

I strongly believe that alongside teamwork, AUTONOMY is key in the achievement of a project.

I love to take initiative and be the INSTIGATOR in order to bring change.

I have a keen sense of ORGANISATION and never put off until tomorrow what I can do today.

(Last but not least je parle even goed FRANÇAIS que NEDERLANDS as well as ENGLISH)


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