The back story… 

It all started a couple of years ago, when I decided to start as an entrepreneur and became co-founder of a start-up. Every aspect of entrepreneurship I initially felt enthousiastic about swiftly turned against me. I was trying to be everywhere, all at once, and wanted to manage everything, without a break. 

I made the mistake of not surrounding myself with enough people and not delegating. I lacked the resources to do everything all on my own. 

From one day to the next, I stopped everything. 

I quickly recovered. I knew that I was meant to be an entrepreneur but I had to understand the importance of having a team, that I was not going to get very far on my own…  

Meeting other entrepreneurs, talking with them about our skills and understanding the importance of delegating helped me to sort  things out and everything got simplified.

I felt ready to jump into a new entrepreneurial adventure… and brand it Efficiency Booster!

My Characteristics

I have always had a lot (seriously, I mean a lot) of ENERGY. I had to learn to tame it before l could turn it into a strength. Today, my drive is at the heart of my identity, and is extremely precious when it comes to successfully carrying out a project from start to finish and getting results.

DISCOVERY is my mantra. I am curious about everything and I genuinely enjoy SHARING my good ideas. This is something I do when I meet with freelancers and design services for companies.

PROACTIVE: I challenge you when it comes to your habits and your process. CREATIVE: I make you think outside the box.

Since being called upon to work on various projects in different kinds of structures, whether for companies or with freelancers, I have become highly ADAPTABLE.

I am extremely ORGANISED and I do not leave anything until tomorrow if I can do it today.

A WOMAN OF MY WORD, if I commit to something, I get it done. COMMITTED and a PERFECTIONIST, I never give up and I always complete the missions I take on, regardless of the challenges faced.

(Last but not least je parle even goed FRANÇAIS que NEDERLANDS as well as ENGLISH)