Boost your business

Stop postponing
Get things done

My vision

Get an outside perspective.
Delegate to move forward.

I’m convinced of the added value of getting an outside perspective on a company’s daily routine. As an outsider, I help you get things run more smoothly, to take a step back and to start and finish projects that you seem unable to make progress with. 

In order to save precious time, to focus again on what’s really necessary to grow your business, you must be able to delegate. That’s the key. Dedicate your time, skills and expertise to supporting your project and its development. Have faith and let go of things that prevent you from progressing effectively.

My approach

Fixed term.
Diverse missions.

I like novelty and diversity. In my opinion, the freshness and passion of an outsider’s perspective never last long. That is why I make a point of only committing on fixed-term, whether recurring or one-time projects. 

Diversifying the sectors, company cultures and environments which I work for enriches my expertise and allows me to continue developing new skills. My experiences with clients are all unique, and this is precisely what makes them so successful.

My services

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  • Customer & supplier contact
  • Creation, organisation, classification and archiving of documents.
  • Processing of emails
  • Logistical management
  • HRM : administration & assistance in recruitment


  • Market scan, trend & customer research
  • Development & launch of products/businesses
  • Development & implementation of marketing supports


  • Management of quotes/invoices/payments
  • Financial & commercial reporting
  • Communication & follow-up with accountant


  • Organisation & operational follow-up of multiple projects
  • Organisation & coordination of seminars, conferences, …
  • Organisation & coordination of trade fairs, events,..
  • Implementation of new tools

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